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YoSkulls was formed by a team of close friends and experienced industry professionals who are passionate about the Solana ecosystem and believe in its unique dynamics. The team began work in April 2022 and have continued diligently building the project to this day.

As our community formed, we eventually decided on the “FREE MINT” model as the best means of bringing value to our fans, while getting our art the maximum exposure it deserves.

While building the project, we learned just how poor the current NFT generative solutions were – in terms of cost, ease of use, and customizability – and so we decided to build our own generator, that could quickly create thousands of unique NFTs while giving the end users all of the flexibility they might require. We plan on sharing this creation with the Solana community and monetizing it for the benefit of the YoSkulls project.

Flexible and fluid – we want to make sure that we don’t over promise – we want to be attentive to what our community is interested in while reacting to the health of the overall market.

We are early, and this is just the beginning of our roadmap. We will continue to evolve with the ever changing landscape of the Solana ecosystem and will work to bring value to the YoSkull community.

Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT(s).

By holding a YoSkull NFT, the holder is granted exclusive access to our private members-only discord server, granting greater access to the team and a place for their input on the project to be heard.

Holders are now able to stake our NFTs to earn $YOSK tokens. $YOSK will offer various utility features, beginning with our holders gaining access to our products and entrance into our exclusive raffles.

We plan on taking a portion of the royalties and product revenues to acquire other individual NFTs to raffle as prizes for our community. $YOSK Tokens will be used as raffle entries, and will be burned after the conclusion of each raffle giveaway.

We’re building various Solana ecosystem tools starting with the release of our generative NFT creator. We plan on sharing this creation with the Solana community and monetizing it for the benefit of the YoSkulls project.


YoSkulls can be traded and purchased on Magic Eden

You can now stake YoSkulls on Diamond Vaults to earn $YOSK tokens:

You can now enter raffles on Diamond Vaults using $YOSK tokens:

Join our discord and ask!